I wanted to thank you thank you thank you! I ordered my traps last week and rec'd quickly. Placed my 5 traps in the afternoon and nailed that little bugger overnight. Before this, I tried a bunch of other traps and gimmicks. Nothing worked. Mole Pro traps are superior in their quality and simplicity. Well done!!

Jonathan, Aurora OR

I wanted to write and thank you for designing the world's best mole trap.  I was previously waging an unsuccessful battle with poison bait, gassers, water, collapsed tunnels, etc. but nothing seemed to work.  Within one week of receiving the MolePro traps I had trapped 5 moles.  Your traps are simple to use and better for the environment.  They are also better for my mental state as there is no guessing as to wether my efforts worked or not.  I know the deceased varmit is gone forever when I wrap it in a plastic bag and toss it in the trash.

Greg, Cupertino CA

Hello, I wanted to write and tell you that I am very impressed with these mole traps. I followed the instructions per your DVD and trapped a mole the very first night. For the first time in three years, I feel like I have found a good solution to my mole problems. You have an excellent product and service. Regards, An impressed customer

Ron, Easley SC

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our traps arrived yesterday, we watched the video, set the traps, and had our mole by morning.  :)

Stephen, Langley BC

 "I received my 5 traps and the video on Friday. I saw the video, set my traps and went to the movies. I came home two hours later and I caught my first mole! I am so excited. The video sample yard can't compare to the activity I have.

My soil is like a peat bog: soft, black dirt and grass (and weeds). I have had mole activity for the 28 years I have lived here but only in one area. This year I decided I would use Grub Control on my 1/2 acre back yard. I woke up a sleeping giant! Now my whole back yard it tore up. That's when I did the research on the internet and came across your company. I printed out and read everything on your web site. I am now very knowledgeable about moles, thanks to you!”

Joanie, Paris MI

 "I am usually a relatively sane, reasonable and calm person. But a mole problem started to relieve me of my sanity. A few mole hills in my lawn was a minor annoyance at first. I've had mole hills in previous years but they seemed to go away. But this year, for some reason, I couldn't get rid of the mole. I would stamp one hill down and another one would appear. After about the tenth mole hill I got very irritated. I knew it wasn't rational to let a mole upset me but it did. Over a three month period I tried Gopher Gassers, two types of traps, putting a water hose down the mole tunnel and other non-effective remedies.

My frustration led me to do an internet search. I looked at 4 or 5 sites including Molepro. I liked the Molepro site because of the information it gave about moles and mole traps. The site seemed more focused on educating consumers and less on pushing a product, which is the approach I prefer. With a money back guarantee I knew I had nothing to lose. I was tempted to get just the traps without the video because I thought I could figure it out. But I think that would have been a mistake. The video explained how and where to set the traps. I think my problem with the other traps I used is that I didn't really understand how to use them.

I received the traps, listened to the video a couple of times and set the traps the next Saturday. Nothing happened for a few days so I moved the traps. The next morning I saw that a trap had sprung. I pulled it out and my little friend came out with it. Who's crying now?


People without a mole problem do not understand the aggravation I felt trying to get rid of the mole. They also do not understand the great satisfaction of pulling out a trap with a mole between the pincers. I was so delighted I had my wife take a picture. I was thinking of using the picture for our Christmas cards but my wife said no.


I gladly endorse a product that works as well as advertised. I could go on and on but my wife has told me to shut up and put it behind me. I've already referred two people to Molepro.

Paul Walker, WA

"I'm the mole man!!!
Place the traps after work yesterday once I watched the video. My wife doubted it would work. My kids couldn't wait to see me set the traps. I got my daughter up for school and we went out to check the traps. We caught one! Nothing like sharing those memories with your kids.
I finally feel like I am ahead on these guys.   Thanks Mole Pro" 

Steve Barfield, TN

 Our yard was being torn up by what seemed like an army of moles.  We purchased the Mole Pro trapping kit and went to work.  We didn't capture it right away so we had to ask Mole Pro for some advice.  They got right back to us and made some suggestions about what might be going wrong.  We followed their instructions and caught the mole this week!  Everything is quiet again, and we're ready for any other moles that come our way."

Bob Simpson, FL

Best thing since sliced bread, caught that critter the very first night after watching video. Been trying to get rid of them for six years, the only thing I hadn't tried was dynamite. 

Ted Armand, LA

I just wanted to thank you for your product. I can't believe how well it really works! I caught 6 moles in just 3 weeks! I've tried everything prior to using your traps. I just keep setting them and catching. I also wanted to add that the video was a great help to me. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! 

Kathy Nykaza, IL