"Within weeks of spending a large sum of money on landscaping, we saw the first signs of mole activity. We tried harpoon traps, fumigants, mole bait and even chewing gum in a moment of desperation! No success. I ordered three traps from Mole Pro and received them last week. It took me a couple of days to master the art of setting it.

The mole would come out of the ground just short of reaching the trap, turn around and go back in back in the direction he came from. But a little tweaking in the preparation of tunnel and we have caught a mole just 4 days after receiving your traps. Hopefully he was the lone mole in our yard, but we will continue to set the traps for awhile just to be sure! This is truly a great product for those plagued by demon moles! The video was very helpful. We kept going back to it and it helped us to fine-tune the setting process until we were successful. Thank you again!!!!!”

Laurie, NY

"In less than 48 hours after setting the first traps I caught the little critter that was creating a big problem in our garden. Your system is the only way to go!” 

Orencio delos Santos, WA

 "The moles were making mince-meat out of my lawn. I decided to order the trapping package and within 4 days I had caught my mole. Thanks for a product that truly delivers.”

Chris Brenz, MI

It is nice to find a product that actually works. I tried everything under the sun and could not get rid of my mole  problem prior to using the mole pro. I was able to get rid of one this fall and another one about a year a go using the mole pro. I was quoted $500 dollars by an exterminator to get rid of the moles. I would recommend your product to anyone that has a mole problem. thanks for all of your help in controlling this problem. 

Tom Marx, NY

 I finally got the bugger!I wanted to thank you guys for a great product and above all excellent instructions! Feels great.. I am attaching the picture of the mole inside the mole pro ;)

Subbu Deivanayagam, CA

 Hello, Got the traps last week. Put one trap in and went away for the weekend, came home and the trap was sprung but no varmit! Viewed the DVD and learned some stuff. Tried again and buta boom buta morning had the bugger. I put 3 of them in series so I figured one of them would get the creature...Cool! Tried the ground buzzers but that only confused them and made them make confusing tunnels.

Scott Masbruch, WA

 "I am very pleased with your traps and want to provide you some timely feedback on your product. In three words..."your traps work!!!" I have been trying to get rid of moles in my yard for several months and this past summer, they wrecked my lawn. I tried three kinds of poisons, castor oil repellents, smoke bombs, mothballs, urine, hot sauce, spike traps, and expensive noise generators/ground vibrators and was not successful. To say the least, I was very frustrated with ou! r mole problem. I found your website and ordered your five piece molepro trap kit and set them that day according to your video instructions. The next morning I finally got the pest that has caused me much pain and money! Your traps are very effective, your instruction video informative and your website is awesome. Thank you Mole Pro!!! From one happy customer -- Joe Worrell, FL" 

Joe Worrell , FL

 I have caught 13 moles with the mole pro traps

Terry Sandstrom, OR

The traps have worked very well. I had two delivered via UPS on Friday, put them in on Saturday and caught my first mole on Sunday.I've trapped 3 so far. Excellent.One suggestion: put your phone/web-site/logo on the trap handle for easy advertising and future reference and marketing. Thank you for the well-made product that does what it is suppose to do.

Bob Thorsness, IL

Set all five traps in / around my rural home where for some reason mole activity has been incredible over the Fall and Winter. Less than two hours the first huge mole was trapped... I'll be running the traps every 2 hours with this early success.

Your video was great... a picture is worth a thousand sheets of instructions!! I was surprised how deep (my) mole run tunnels were.... no wonder the spike traps were failing when tripped. I set the trigger at a slight angle to cause it to be more sensitive, otherwise followed your instructional video verbatum.

My first order was for five traps but I'll probably order more. Great Product!!!!

Don Laughlin, MO