Bronze MolePro Mole Trap System

Two galvanized steel mole traps for small gardens


The MolePro Mole Trap is the most effective mole control and extermination system on the market today. If garden moles or lawn moles are destroying your garden, the MolePro Mole Trap will eliminate your mole problem.

The Bronze MolePro Mole Trap System includes 2 specially-engineered galvanized steel traps and are perfect for small gardens and lawns with minor mole damage.

Upon entering the trap, the mole will feel the trigger blocking its tunnel. Moles are meticulous about keeping their tunnels clean and will clear any obstructions. After the mole pushes the trigger out of the way, the trap will then activate and the jaws will close on the mole.

Features & Specs

1. Safe Indicator Handles
  • Handles are squeezed together to open the jaws of the trap
  • Indicates when the trap has been sprung. The handles of a sprung trap will open to shape a "V"
  • Mole extermination is at your fingertips
2. Tension Spring
  • Enough power to quickly close the jaws of the trap in even sticky soil
  • Handles can still be squeezed together even by those with very limited strength
  • Kill moles effectively and humanely
  • The joints are riveted and reinforced for strength. As well, the construction of the joints allows the jaws to widened or narrowed without stressing the joints. This feature increases the effects of the dual trigger so the customer can get an exact fit for the width of the tunnel.
3. Scissor Jaws
  • Sleek construction ensures that jaws quickly close through all types of soil
  • Sturdy metal to retain the trap shape for years to come
  • Powerful grip and curved design prohibit escape
  • Safe when set as jaws are underground, out of the reach of pets and children
4. Multi-functional Trigger System
  • Bi-directional as it allows one trap to be effective against moles coming from either direction
  • Specifically designed to offer premium versatility for narrow or wide setting
  • Shaped to ensure the mole will activate the trap
  • Adjustable to stiff or to more sensitive tensions
The traps have worked very well. I had two delivered via UPS on Friday, put them in on Saturday and caught my first mole on Sunday.I've trapped 3 so far. Excellent.

One suggestion: put your phone/web-site/logo on the trap handle for easy advertising and future reference and marketing. Thank you for the well-made product that does what it is suppose to do."

Bob Thorsness, IL

After receiving my MolePro kit from you, I watched the video and the next morning set the traps making sure I foundtravelling tunnels to set them in. The next day (like a kid on Xmas morning) I went to check my traps.

I was shocked to find the cheeky bugger had built a mole hill right above my trap without setting it off. The following day Eureka!!! my other trap got him. Your traps are very good quality & do work great!!!"

Doug Joyce

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Bronze MolePro Mole Trap System

I received my 5 traps and the video on Friday. I saw the video, set my traps, and went to the movies. I came home two hours later and I caught my first mole! I am so excited!"

Jennifer Portland, Oregon

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