Our specialty is mole control.

Our roots date back to 1986 when Jerry Kozak first noticed mole hills in his suburban yard. Over the next three years, he ineffectively experimented with several forms of mole control.

Jerry would wait on his porch early every morning with a coffee in one hand, and a sledge hammer in the other looking to kill moles which were destroying his lawn and garden. With no success, he tried using household solvents and other "repellents" such as castor beans -- the only result being a healthy crop of castor bean sprouts!

Tired of the more passive approaches, he decided to start "cooking with gas" -- literally. He cleared the whole family from the house and proceeded to run acetylene gas in an underground tunnel for about 20 minutes. He carefully placed a lit match into the tunnel of gas, blowing apart the vast majority of his front lawn. Nothing could have made these moles happier as they dug 3 new hills that night.

Completely frustrated, he called a professional trapper and was told that the charge would be $200 with no guarantee of success. Unwilling to spend that kind of money with no guarantee of success, he decided to try trapping the moles himself.

Jerry tried several traps over the next few months with no success. Until one sunny morning, he triumphantly held up the mole that had been terrorizing his yard for the last 3 years. He became so efficient at killing moles in his yard with mole traps, that they quickly ceased being a problem.

Having confidence in his newly found skill, he announced in 1990 that he was going to start trapping moles professionally. After handing out flyers and putting up signs in local nurseries, his venture was immediately in demand. Many homeowners in the area were struggling with the same problem of garden moles and lawn moles destroying their beautifully manicured lawns and gardens. The next year was even busier when word surfaced that somebody who cared about customer satisfaction and service was trapping moles in their area.

Through personal and business contacts, he put into action a plan that would enable people to purchase this mole trap system directly through the internet for a low cost. Since then, we have been providing high-quality products, great service, and low prices to lawn and gardening enthusiasts who are looking for mole control for their own mole problems.

Customers love our mole traps:

I wanted to thank you thank you thank you! I ordered my traps last week and rec'd quickly. Placed my 5 traps in the afternoon and nailed that little bugger overnight. Before this, I tried a bunch of other traps and gimmicks. Nothing worked. Mole Pro traps are superior in their quality and simplicity. Well done!!

Jonathan, Aurora OR

I wanted to write and thank you for designing the world's best mole trap.  I was previously waging an unsuccessful battle with poison bait, gassers, water, collapsed tunnels, etc. but nothing seemed to work.  Within one week of receiving the MolePro traps I had trapped 5 moles.  Your traps are simple to use and better for the environment.  They are also better for my mental state as there is no guessing as to wether my efforts worked or not.  I know the deceased varmit is gone forever when I wrap it in a plastic bag and toss it in the trash.

Greg, Cupertino CA

Hello, I wanted to write and tell you that I am very impressed with these mole traps. I followed the instructions per your DVD and trapped a mole the very first night. For the first time in three years, I feel like I have found a good solution to my mole problems. You have an excellent product and service. Regards, An impressed customer

Ron, Easley SC

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our traps arrived yesterday, we watched the video, set the traps, and had our mole by morning.  :)

Stephen, Langley BC

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