"When we moved to the North Freedom Wisconsin area, we did not have a mole problem.We live on 10 acres with 7 wooded.About three years ago they started moving in and nothing we bought in the store would work, not poison and not their traps.I found your site on the intranet and ordered five traps.Last year I caught 12 moles and this year have a new batch that moved in from the woods.Your traps really work.I'm buying 5 more and intend to get rid of all of them this spring.GREAT product .....W. Scholze, WI"

W. Scholze, WI

“I have owned my traps for a number of years. I had a mole -- just one -- in my yard. I originally bought five traps, figuring this guy was going to be hard to trap. I read everything and watched your video. Set my five traps that first evening. The next morning I had my mole and still had five brand new traps. I have raved about this to my friends and neighbors many of whom have borrowed my traps.I just wanted you to know how satisfied a customer and a big fan of yours I am.




Gary Slaughter

 After receiving my MolePro kit from you, I watched the video and the next morning set the traps making sure I foundtravelling tunnels to set them in. The next day (like a kid on Xmas morning) I went to check my traps. I was shocked to find the cheeky bugger had built a mole hill right above my trap (see attachment) without setting it off. The following dayEureka!!! my other trap got him.
Your traps are very good quality & do work great!!! 
Thanks again, 
Doug Joyce

Doug Joyce

 "Thanks! I trapped 3 moles that had been terrorizing my property for years. My wife said "What? You spent $40 on TRAPS?? You'll never catch a mole!" I made her a bet: "I'll catch one by tomorrow, my dear." She bet me an ice cream cone...

By that EVENING I had my ice cream cone in hand!! These traps just plain work. AND, after I caught my own three moles (within a week), I loaned the traps to my two neighbors.

Roger caught his mole within two days, and Tom's was wily, and took several days, but when he died, Tom drove around the neighborhood on his four-wheeler, the mole on a long pole, suspended, and he was chanting:

"Moles are dead!! Long live Mole Pro!"

Jay, WI