"I am usually a relatively sane, reasonable and calm person. But a mole problem started to relieve me of my sanity. A few mole hills in my lawn was a minor annoyance at first. I've had mole hills in previous years but they seemed to go away. But this year, for some reason, I couldn't get rid of the mole. I would stamp one hill down and another one would appear. After about the tenth mole hill I got very irritated. I knew it wasn't rational to let a mole upset me but it did. Over a three month period I tried Gopher Gassers, two types of traps, putting a water hose down the mole tunnel and other non-effective remedies.

My frustration led me to do an internet search. I looked at 4 or 5 sites including Molepro. I liked the Molepro site because of the information it gave about moles and mole traps. The site seemed more focused on educating consumers and less on pushing a product, which is the approach I prefer. With a money back guarantee I knew I had nothing to lose. I was tempted to get just the traps without the video because I thought I could figure it out. But I think that would have been a mistake. The video explained how and where to set the traps. I think my problem with the other traps I used is that I didn't really understand how to use them.

I received the traps, listened to the video a couple of times and set the traps the next Saturday. Nothing happened for a few days so I moved the traps. The next morning I saw that a trap had sprung. I pulled it out and my little friend came out with it. Who's crying now?


People without a mole problem do not understand the aggravation I felt trying to get rid of the mole. They also do not understand the great satisfaction of pulling out a trap with a mole between the pincers. I was so delighted I had my wife take a picture. I was thinking of using the picture for our Christmas cards but my wife said no.


I gladly endorse a product that works as well as advertised. I could go on and on but my wife has told me to shut up and put it behind me. I've already referred two people to Molepro.

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