"Within weeks of spending a large sum of money on landscaping, we saw the first signs of mole activity. We tried harpoon traps, fumigants, mole bait and even chewing gum in a moment of desperation! No success. I ordered three traps from Mole Pro and received them last week. It took me a couple of days to master the art of setting it.

The mole would come out of the ground just short of reaching the trap, turn around and go back in back in the direction he came from. But a little tweaking in the preparation of tunnel and we have caught a mole just 4 days after receiving your traps. Hopefully he was the lone mole in our yard, but we will continue to set the traps for awhile just to be sure! This is truly a great product for those plagued by demon moles! The video was very helpful. We kept going back to it and it helped us to fine-tune the setting process until we were successful. Thank you again!!!!!”

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