"I am very pleased with your traps and want to provide you some timely feedback on your product. In three words..."your traps work!!!" I have been trying to get rid of moles in my yard for several months and this past summer, they wrecked my lawn. I tried three kinds of poisons, castor oil repellents, smoke bombs, mothballs, urine, hot sauce, spike traps, and expensive noise generators/ground vibrators and was not successful. To say the least, I was very frustrated with ou! r mole problem. I found your website and ordered your five piece molepro trap kit and set them that day according to your video instructions. The next morning I finally got the pest that has caused me much pain and money! Your traps are very effective, your instruction video informative and your website is awesome. Thank you Mole Pro!!! From one happy customer -- Joe Worrell, FL" 

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